Are you raising money for your startup?  Or considering it?

If you are doing so for the first time,  you are at a huge disadvantage! Investors see dozens, even hundreds, of pitches a year, you know only about your deal and maybe a few of your friends’ deals.

This course, is designed to help level the playing field for entrepreneurs who either are planning to or are considering raising money from investors.

You can find many courses and commentaries from angel and VC investors out there, many of them free.  And they can be useful, at least to see what investors say publicly.  But, raising money is the negotiation of a lifetime – and you can bet that all of those investors aren’t revealing all of their negotiating secrets!

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This course gets you behind the scenes with an experienced entrepreneur and startup coach, Nicole Toomey Davis, who has raised millions of dollars from angel and VC investors as well as federal grant funding for multiple startups.   The goal is to help you better understand, up front, how the startup money game is played:  what motivates investors, secrets only insiders know, and the mistakes you might make that can “poison the well” and kill your deal.

Don’t kid yourself, many entrepreneurs fail in their attempts to raise capital, even if they have a great concept, strong team and are willing work hard.  Why? Many times it’s because they don’t know what they don’t know, and they don’t know how the game is played.  Don’t let that be you!

People ask why VentureWrench charges for this course – easy – because we only want serious startup entrepreneurs to take it.  But if you are serious, this course can save you time, money and aggravation.  It may even help you save your company.

For Serious Entrepreneurs, you get 4 1/2 hours of behind the scenes content from an experienced startup coach and entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars for her own companies!   

If you complete this course, you will better understand how angel and venture investors work, you will learn how your company fits in the investors’ mental landscape, and you will be able to develop all the tools you need, right alongside the tutorials, to begin the fundraising process, including an elevator pitch, executive summary and pitch deck as well as clarity on the need for good financials.

Want to level the playing field? 
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