InvestorFind™ Terms and Conditions

An InvestorFind™ custom search will search our data on investors with an emphasis on potential investors which:

  1. Have expressed an interest in your industry or sector
  2. Have indicated that they are interested in investing in your geographic region
  3. Have specified the stage or stages of businesses they prefer to invest in, consistent with your business stage
  4. Have given indications of round minimum and maximum that are consistent with your round size

Our goal for a custom search is to identify at least 25-30 potential “Designer Investors” that may be a good fit for your business and if there are more than 25-30, there is no additional charge.  However, nothing on this website or any materials or verbal content may be taken as a promise of specific specific results.  Raising capital for your business has many variables, none of which are under the control of Enclavix, LLC or the VentureWrench InvestorFind™ team.  You are solely responsible for your business success.

The InvestorFind™ custom investor search is covered by these InvestorFind™ Terms and Conditions as well as our primary Terms of Use, including the limitation of liability, and our Privacy Policy.