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In our online course, Designing the Perfect Investor™, and our latest course, Raising Capital in a Down Economy, we help you understand how investors really work and how to Design the Perfect Investor for your company.  Of course, then you need to find those investors!  In the course we explain some DIY ways to find those investors, but we are also bringing you a tool to make it much easier!

Don't Flail - Use InvestorFindOur team has been busy curating information about thousands of investors, Venture Capital Firms, earlier stage Private Equity Firms, and selected Angels and Angel Networks – the stage they’re interested in, the geographical areas they care about, the industries they invest in, all the info needed to help target your perfect investor.

Our goal is to save you TONS of time by providing at least  20 -25 “Perfect Investor” candidates with our custom searches.  At least twenty potential investors who already want what you have!  Think about the amount of time that will save (and we know because we’ve been spending the time for you!)

If you have signed up for our course Designing the Perfect Investor™, or our latest course, Raising Capital in a Down Economy, then you can get your custom search of our database for  $1000 (USD).

To order your InvestorFind search, visit to pay, and then follow the instructions in the online content.

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