Experienced entrepreneurs will tell you that you need to talk to a business coach for entrepreneurs. Athletes, actors and musicians have coaches, the truth is that as an entrepreneur, you need an entrepreneur coach. Not everyone knows that some of the top CEOs in the world have famously had a CEO coach to give that independent sounding board.

Nicole Toomey Davis with Utah Governor HerbertBeing an entrepreneur or a CEO is tough. You hold the lives and livelihood of all your team members in your hands. AND you hold the fate of your investors’ cash in your hands as well! NONE of them wants to know that you are uncertain or don’t know what to do, especially  when things don’t go as planned or in the face of a genuine crisis that could  flush a lot of startups down the drain!

Let’s face it, your significant other is tired of you and your startup. You are rightly concerned that if you talk to your executive team about the difficult options, they’ll start looking for a new job! And, if you talk to your investors about worst case options, everything you say “can and will” be used against you. So what do you do? How can you really evaluate ALL of the options available to you, and how do you get some new ideas about options you hadn’t considered?

Nicole say, “My goal as a CEO Coach is to offer perspective, support and insights to help a CEOs and Entrepreneurs as they navigate both “regular” and unexpected business challenges as well as the ongoing challenges of growth and change.”

We are opening up a limited number of coaching slots to Entrepreneurs and CEOs.  Our standard coaching package is structuredBe Willing to Prune as a 2 hour video session once each month, as well as ongoing email and messaging support as things arise during a month. We focus on the CEO’s goals and challenges. Coaching may include help in personal growth, skill mastery, serving as a decision “sounding board”, help navigating difficult situations, discussion of potential plans and strategies, and joint reading and discussion of books or articles that may be relevant to the business challenges.

The cost is $1500/month (inclusive) and clients are invited to record the video sessions if desired. Everything discussed is confidential and remains between us. For more info about Nicole’s background, please visit https://venturewrench.com/about/nicole-toomey-davis/

We can also craft a custom package to suit your needs and situation.  If you are interested, email us at
community [at] venturewrench.com
and put “coaching inquiry” in the subject line so we can prioritize a response.

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