Signal Peak Ventures v100 list of Top Venture Entrepreneurs for 2012 Includes Nicole Toomey Davis

Salt Lake City, UT (May 3, 2012) – Enclavix™, LLC announced that Nicole Toomey Davis, the firm’s President and CEO, was selected for the seventh time by Utah’s entrepreneurial community as one of the Top 100 Venture affiliated Entrepreneurs in Utah, also known as the v100.
The v|100 designation is given to those individuals voted most likely to lead a successful business venture in Utah within the next few years. The v|100 is designed to help entrepreneurs establish and cultivate relationships among top CEO and CTO talent in the region. Members of this elite executive community are chosen through a peer-nominated and peer-selected process. Top members of the Utah business community were surveyed by a vSpring team to nominate the top 100 venture entrepreneurs in Utah.
A detailed list of all members of the v|100 can be found here.

About Signal Peak Ventures, sponsor of the v|100

vSpring Capital was the creator of the v|100 awards.  About Signal Peak Ventures
Signal Peak Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in information technology and life science companies headquartered in the Rocky Mountain region, created from the merger of vSpring Capital and the original Signal Peak Ventures in 2012 . With offices in Utah and New Mexico, it has over $450 million of committed capital under management.

According to Signal Peak Ventures, since its inception in 2004, the v100 continues to prove to be a valuable tool in recognizing the next wave of emerging entrepreneurs, companies and executives supporting Utah’s venture community. The v100 was created by Signal Peak Ventures (formerly vSpring  Capital) as a method to identify and recognize entrepreneurs with Utah ties that are most likely to favorably impact the venture community. Members of the v100 become part of an ongoing community of entrepreneurs that fosters collaboration and provides advantages in building and growing companies.

About Enclavix, LLC

Enclavix is a software development firm focused on applying artificial intelligence, machine intelligence and related technologies to extracting context and meaning from complex, big-data problems including unstructured data sets such as online resources. Enclavix focuses on technologies that 1) encourage and strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship and 2) make innovators and entrepreneurs more effective.