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I can’t tell you how many mistakes I made
when I raised money for my first startup!

I had my MBA from Stanford, I had friends who had raised money, and I had friends who were on the VC side. So I knew a lot about raising money, but there was a whole lot more I didn’t know and that nobody talked about!

After selling that first startup, then running a grant funding and mentoring program for Utah, and mentoring dozens if not hundreds of entrepreneurs, I really saw the inside of the VC industry.  I learned that investors really do not want to invest in first time entrepreneurs!   After starting this new startup focused on entrepreneurs with VentureWrench, I decided to try and share what I had learned, to help more entrepreneurs transform from being a “newbie” to being a “smart and savvy” entrepreneur that investors are interested in backing.

I was able to identify a “process” that any entrepreneur who wants to raise money can follow. It’s a process that will help an entrepreneur know if their market is big enough to interest investors, and whether raising money is something interesting to them and suitable for their business. And I wanted to share back what I had come to understand with all the emerging entrepreneurs so they wouldn’t have to go through the school of hard knocks like I did! I started giving presentations to local groups called “Designing the Perfect Investor”.

One day, I was asked by a friend on the investor side if I would present my “Designing” presentation to a group of handpicked entrepreneurs from all over the country. I was happy to help, but as we walked in, I asked my friend if this was really the best presentation on raising money that he knew of (of course I wanted to go learn from the best one!). He stopped me cold with what he said next – he said “It is the best one, Nicole, because it is from the perspective of the Entrepreneur, and everything else out there is from the perspective of the investor!”

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Well, that comment changed my life. I’ve watched and looked ever since, and he’s still right. Entrepreneurs do write posts, or are recorded talking about their “experience”,but all of the “courses”, but all the “bootcamps” and “how-to” presentations seem to come from the investor perspective even if that investor used to be an entrepreneur.

I used to think that was what I needed, the investor perspective. But what I didn’t realize was that raising a round of funding for my company was the negotiation of a lifetime, and it’s the negotiation of your lifetime too! If I am buying a used car, I don’t rely on the used car salesman to tell me how to negotiate the best deal, instead I do my homework from unbiased sources.  When you are negotiating with investors, you need unbiased sources too!

So that’s why I decided to create a new course – one from the perspective of the entrepreneur, one that shares those insider VC and angel investor secrets that I’ve learned that other people aren’t sharing!  A course that I now call Designing the Perfect Investor – Raising Money for your Startup

Is your raise not going as well as you want?  Feeling a little overwhelmed or frustrated?  Does it seem like everyone knows the rules of the game but you?  Want to be the type of smart and savvy entrepreneur that investors are anxious to back?  Then check out this new course, designed just for you!

This step by step course is designed to help entrepreneurs move from “frustrated newbie” to “smart and savvy” and help:
1) Identify their Fit in the market
2) Identify the characteristics of the Perfect Investors and identify ways to find those investors
3) Create the tools they need to be ready to raise money from investors
If you think this might help you improve your odds for success and save time and money, for less than the cost of a hotel night, click Designing the Perfect Investor – Raising Money for your Startup to sign up!