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VentureWrench Announces Expansion of its Premium Coaching Program – Personalized CEO Coaching by Nicole Toomey Davis

Veteran Expertise to help executives take their organizations to the next level

Silicon Slopes, UT (June 29, 2021) – The VentureWrench™ Startup Community from Enclavix™, LLC today announced a limited number of new openings in its premium offering to help entrepreneurs and CEOs succeed – One on One CEO Coaching with serial entrepreneur and technology CEO, Nicole Toomey Davis.

These select openings in CEO and Executive Coaching, are available immediately.

Athletes, actors and musicians have coaches, the truth is that entrepreneurs and CEOs need an entrepreneur coach. Not everyone knows that some of the top CEOs in the world have famously had a CEO coach to provide that independent sounding board and personalized perspective.

VentureWrench co-creator and Enclavix President & CEO, Nicole Toomey Davis said, “My goal as a CEO Coach is to offer perspective, support and insights to help a CEOs and Entrepreneurs as they navigate both “regular” and unexpected business challenges as well as the ongoing challenges of growth and change.”

The new coaching package is structured as a 2 hour video session once each month, as well as ongoing email and messaging support as things arise during a month. The confidential one-on-one coaching is especially designed to help entrepreneurs and CEOs improve on and expand on their leadership capabilities while navigating goals and challenges. Coaching may include help in personal growth, skill mastery, serving as a decision “sounding board”, help navigating difficult situations, and discussion of potential plans and strategies.

Davis shared “Being an entrepreneur and growth CEO can be lonely. There are some things a CEO can’t discuss with their team, with their board or with those closest to them. Being able to discuss issues, concerns and opportunities in a confidential format with a seasoned CEO and serial entrepreneur can be exactly what is needed.”

More information on 1 on 1 CEO Coaching with Nicole Toomey Davis is available on the VentureWrench website at the page CEO and Executive Coaching. This personalized coaching is available in two hours blocks, once per month. Nicole has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs over her career and brings that experience to each interaction and coaching session.

About Enclavix, LLC and the VentureWrench Startup Community

Enclavix is an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data software company that creates online tools to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship by applying artificial intelligence and deep learning and related technologies to identify and curate the highest quality, most useful resources to coach and support startup entrepreneurs. The company has received over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation through the SBIR program to allow the launch of the AI – powered VentureWrench Library. The VentureWrench Startup Community combines artificial intelligence and advanced software with rich content to help entrepreneurs bring capital into their business, solve problems, answer questions and help them move their business forward.

The startup coaches and creators of the VentureWrench Startup Community, the team at Enclavix, LLC, are experienced entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses, raised millions of dollars in investment from investors and the SBIR program, and sold their prior company to a public firm. Our CEO has also mentored and provided grant funding for dozens of emerging technology companies through her public service running a State startup funding program. The team is passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential for entrepreneurs and for the economy.

The VentureWrench Startup Community builds on the AI-powered VentureWrench Library at, which is free for entrepreneurs. Enclavix designed the VentureWrench Library to help entrepreneurs find the information they need – from the best resources – as quickly as possible. Enclavix appreciates the support of the National Science Foundation which provided funding for a portion of this work. The VentureWrench Startup Community also includes rich content including E-books, checklists, guides, the team’s StartupNotes blog, online courses and workshops to help entrepreneurs get to success more quickly. Entrepreneurs can access all of this and more at

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