Tell Your Startup Story | Video Only
    • Hosted by Nicole Toomey Davis, MBA and CEO.
    • Nicole has raised $2.6 million in investor funding
    • 2 Hours of Video
    • Videos can be viewed as many times as you want for 18 months

$399.00 Limited Time! $299.00

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Tell Your Startup Story | Plus 1-on-1 Coaching
    • 2 hours personal coaching from Nicole Toomey Davis
    • Discuss issues related to the success of your startup
    • Phone or online coaching, your choice
    • The 2 Hour Tell Your Startup Story video course is included

$999.00 Limited Time! $799.00

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This course is designed to help you Tell Your Startup Story! Whether you are planning to raise money from investors, or are looking at funding alternatives such as crowdfunding, bootstrapping or pursuing grant funding you still need to tell your compelling startup story.

This course gets you behind the scenes with an experienced entrepreneur, coach and mentor so you better understand, how to communicate your startup vision up front to partners, customers, potential employees as well as financial and business partners.

Don't kid yourself, many entrepreneurs fail in their attempts to build their startup, even if they have a great concept, strong team and are willing work hard. Why? Many times it's because they don't know what they don't know, and they fail to tell their story in a clear and compelling way. Don't let that be you!

The first job of an entrepreneur is to attract the resources they need, this course can help you get there.

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