Raising Capital in a Down Economy – Introducing our newest VentureWrench course

Things have changed dramatically since the pandemic arrived in early 2020. The public equity markets plunged and continue to gyrate.  The “end date” of the economic lockdown is unknown, but the pattern of startup investor behavior is pretty well understood by those of us who’ve skiied the market avalanche before.

Importantly these changes in investor behavior may last 2 to 3 years!

I created this new course, Raising Capital in a Down Economy, building on our unique philosophy of “Designing the Perfect Investor”, and adding the latest information on what’s happening in venture capital to help you better navigate today’s challenges in securing capital for your venture.

This course includes all of the content of our flagship course – Designing the Perfect Investor, as well as additional custom content specifically related to the ways things are different in a down or declining economy, and techniques and strategies to help improve your success!

The purpose of this course is to educate and support you, to help you navigate a funding environment which has become, and we should expect to stay, increasingly treacherous!

The Core Objectives are to help entrepreneurs:

  • Understand how things have changed in the private capital markets
  • Understand how investors work
  • Understand the background information needed to be ready to raise capital
  • Understand how to develop compelling tools needed to be prepared to approach investors.

“Current disruptions will continue to ripple through the economy for several years. Entrepreneurs will have to learn how to navigate the changing capital environment to have a chance at success. This new course builds on both our core philosophy of Designing the Perfect Investor and our team’s experience navigating treacherous capital markets.”

Finally, you will understand how to Design the Perfect Investor for your business, your stage and your industry, and then how to search for, and find, those “perfect investors”.

Only you, the entrepreneur and your team can properly prepare yourself and put these ideas and philosophy to work, but if you put what you learn here to work, you will be better prepared for the negotiation of your lifetime – raising money from investors!