Introducing InvestorFind™ – A Unique, Curated Database of Startup Investors

InvestorFind™ is a Unique, Curated Database of Startup Investors

Designed to Help Entrepreneurs Quickly Find Their “Perfect Investors™”

We are announcing our newest tool to help you find your Perfect Investor™, the new InvestorFind™ database.

The VentureWrench team has carefully curated detailed information about thousands of investors including Venture Capital Firms, targeted Private Equity Firms, and selected Angel Investors and Angel Networks. The detailed data gathered includes the investor’s theme or themes, including details about the industries they invest in, the stage they’re interested in, the geographical areas they target plus all of the other information entrepreneurs need to help target their “Perfect Investor”.

In the VentureWrench online course, Designing the Perfect Investor™, the VentureWrench team helps entrepreneurs learn how to “Design The Perfect Investor” to improve the odds of raising capital from investors. The course teaches DIY methods to find those investors, but it was clear that a specially curated database with the right information would further simplify the job for entrepreneurs, saving them time! Entrepreneurs request a custom search of the database with a profile of their perfect investor to jumpstart their capital raising process.

Nicole Toomey Davis said, “The VentureWrench team is always looking for ways to help entrepreneurs accelerate their success. Access to capital is an essential part of starting and growing a business, but so many entrepreneurs don’t know anything about the complex, and insular, venture capital industry. Our coaching course, Designing the Perfect Investor™, combined with our InvestorFind™ database, are intended to help entrepreneurs level the playing field and increase their likelihood of raising essential capital.”

The cost of a custom search is $1000 (USD), but those entrepreneurs who have signed up for the course Designing the Perfect Investor™, get the search for half price. For more details visit the InvestorFind™ page.

About Enclavix, LLC and the VentureWrench Startup Coaching Community

Enclavix is an Artificial Intelligence software company that creates online tools to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship by applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and related technologies to identify and curate the highest quality, most useful resources to coach and support startup entrepreneurs. The company has received over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation through the SBIR program to allow the launch of the AI – powered VentureWrench Library. The VentureWrench Startup Coaching Community combines artificial intelligence and advanced software with rich content to help entrepreneurs bring capital into their business, solve problems, answer questions and help them move their business forward.


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