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VentureWrench Announces Free Guide for Entrepreneurs
“5 Changes In Startup Funding in a Down Economy”

Helping Businesses Learn to Raise Capital to Survive and Thrive

Silicon Slopes, UT (April 28, 2020) – The VentureWrench™ Startup Community from Enclavix™, LLC today announced its a new, free guide to help entrepreneurs during these difficult times, “5 Changes In Startup Funding in a Down Economy.”

The experienced entrepreneurs at VentureWrench have weathered a down economy before – and have gathered some of their key insights to help entrepreneurs understand how raising startup capital will change while the stock market gyrates and the economy struggles.  The goal is to help entrepreneurs be more successful in raising capital from investors even while investor capital may be in short supply and startup loans, venture debt and other forms of capital falter.

This Free Guide will help entrepreneurs understand the profound changes in startup funding that are already starting to emerge and will continue to be more obvious over the next 18 months.

The guide helps to will answer questions such as:

How do changes in stock markets impact your potential Round from Angel Investors?
Why does market volatility impact startup capital?
How are venture capital funds impacted by the public market fortunes of their limited partners?
Why do these issues impact even top venture capital firms?
How does the IPO market impact startup funding?
Is it even possible to find investors in this economic climate?
Ways to help businesses survive even during the economic downturn ?

Nicole Toomey Davis said, “The current pandemic is wreaking havoc on lives and livelihoods all over the world.  Although it has been a century since a pandemic was the cause of such extensive disruptions and heartache, economies go through cycles and entrepreneurs face downturns.  Our team has weathered these types of storms before and wanted to share with other entrepreneurs insights into ways that raising capital will likely change in the near future. We hope this free guide will help many entrepreneurs help their businesses survive and thrive.”

About Enclavix, LLC and the VentureWrench Startup Community

Enclavix is an Artificial Intelligence and Big Data software company that creates online tools to accelerate innovation and entrepreneurship by applying artificial intelligence, machine learning and related technologies to identify and curate the highest quality, most useful resources to coach and support startup entrepreneurs. The company has received over $1.2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation through the SBIR program to allow the launch of the AI – powered VentureWrench Library. The VentureWrench Startup Community combines artificial intelligence and advanced software with rich content to help entrepreneurs bring capital into their business, solve problems, answer questions and help them move their business forward.

The startup coaches and creators of the VentureWrench Startup Community, the team at Enclavix, LLC, are experienced entrepreneurs who have started multiple businesses, raised millions of dollars in investment from investors and the SBIR program, and sold their prior company to a public firm. Our CEO has also mentored and provided grant funding for dozens of emerging technology companies through her public service running a State startup funding program. The team is passionate about entrepreneurship and its potential for entrepreneurs and for the economy.

Entrepreneurs can visit to get their free copy of the VentureWrench Guide – “5 Changes In Startup Funding in a Down Economy”.

The VentureWrench Startup Community builds on the AI-powered VentureWrench Library at, which is free for entrepreneurs. Enclavix designed the VentureWrench Library to help entrepreneurs find the information they need – from the best resources – as quickly as possible. Enclavix appreciates the support of the National Science Foundation which provided funding for a portion of this work. The VentureWrench Startup Community also includes rich content including E-books, checklists, guides, the team’s StartupNotes blog, online courses and workshops to help entrepreneurs get to success more quickly. Entrepreneurs can access all of this and more at

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