SBIR Housekeeping – things to do each year

It is true that the SBIR/STTR programs are intended to be “easier” government contracting, but honestly no one ever said it would be EASY government contracting.

So, here are a couple of housekeeping items you should keep up – even if you aren’t submitting any new proposals, either because you’re mid-award or you’re focused on commercializing.  It will save you a LOT of time if you decide to submit another proposal.

  1. Update each year (yes you have to slog through the whole thing!) and yes this is the way you get paid, so it matters. It can also take several days to update.  The relationship between submitting a proposal and valid Sam registration has varied over time, but sometimes and with some agencies, you can’t submit without a VALID SAM registration – and that is not a “real time” renewal either. So stay on top of it!  Also, if you originally registered with or with using a DUNS number, remember things have changed and you know have (or need) a Unique Entity ID (or UEI).
  2. Update/confirm password (yes, another password!) and keep your profile updated there.
  3. Update your password on each year – if you don’t they will BLOCK your account, and getting it revived will take several days – this is the home of your REQUIRED SBC registration – and note that after the switch from DUNS or UEI, that document has CHANGED!  It is also the home of your REQUIRED commercialization report if you have at least one Phase II award….
  4. On keep your commercialization report updated (if you’ve had any Phase II awards!) For several years, each agency had their own commercialization template that had to be filled out.  Now, has you fill out one set of data about commercial outcomes, additional capital raised, products launched etc from your Phase II award(s).  You then download the formal form and submit it to the agency.  So, when you’re not under deadline, take the time to update it.  I’ll note that they want to see rolling revenue and investments, so at least each year you should update revenue so far.

If you haven’t gone through our SBIR course, Develop a Winning SBIR Strategy – Insights From The Review Process, I invite you to do so.  Remember that my perspective as a reviewer of many, many proposals gives you an advantage as you prepare your Phase I and/or your Phase II proposal.

If you want more in depth help, either a proposal review or help developing your proposal, you can apply for a spot in our one-on-one VentureWrench SBIR Coaching after you’ve gone through the course.  Email us at venturewrenchcommunity [at] with questions.

And if you need help with any part of your SBIR process – proposal (Phase I or II), TABA, proposal management, or contract finalization, just email us at venturewrenchcommunity [at] with questions.

Don’t forget, if you need more help, check out our online course, Develop a Winning SBIR Strategy, and don’t forget your free guide below!

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