VentureWrench Launches AI-powered Online Software Tools for Entrepreneurs at Silicon Slopes Event

We are proud to announce the public launch of the AI-powered VentureWrench Library, an online curated library of resources to help entrepreneurs.  The VentureWrench team demonstrated the VentureWrench Library at the first #SiliconSlopes Farmington chapter event on Tuesday, January 15, 2019. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our demo and for all of the enthusiasm about the VentureWrench Library.  We loved how many of you said “and it’s free???”.  And yes, it’s free for entrepreneurs!

People ask why we created the VentureWrench Library and some ask why we waste artificial intelligence expertise on entrepreneurs. 

For a number of years, I (Nicole) ran a funding program to support university startups and technology entrepreneurs. We frequently tried to compile lists of resources to help our entrepreneurs, but they quickly became out of date. Search engines yield millions, even hundreds of millions of options, but many of these are low quality or even exploitative. Entrepreneurs almost never fail for some exotic reason and they usually “don’t know what they don’t know”. They fail, or flounder and suffer because of mistakes that are well understood, and highly avoidable.  Our vision is to help entrepreneurs avoid those mistakes and improve their success!  So, we leverage artificial intelligence and advanced software to help entrepreneurs and we are delighted to introduce the VentureWrench Library to the community.

The VentureWrench Library uses 8 AI systems to evaluate potential resources and select the best information to help support and coach startup entrepreneurs. Thousands of high quality resources are grouped into 90 sub-categories. With a few clicks, entrepreneurs can find problem solving resources from top sources.

Our friend, entrepreneur, coach and mentor, Andrew Willis shared his perspective on the VentureWrench Library with us, “I am a big supporter of the Venture Wrench Library. I love using it for my own business, and recommend it to the entrepreneurs I mentor and coach. The content is very easy to search and is a valuable resource to entrepreneurs at every stage of their business; from startup to growth to successful exit and every stage between.”

Because of support of the National Science Foundation SBIR Program for the foundational work, the VentureWrench Library is free to use, so sign up for your free account (or use it as a guest)!

We’ve recorded some quick demo’s of the the VentureWrench Library on different topics so you can get quick peek.  Enjoy!

VentureWrench Library Quick Demo Showing Marketing Topics

VentureWrench Library Quick Demo Showing Import Export Topics

If you would like to see more about our launch, visit our VentureWrench Launch Press Release!

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