Become a Thought Leader – Make Friends with Industry Analysts

Here are some tips on how to create a win-win relationship with analysts in your industry. Industry analysts are like reporters, only more so. They get paid big bucks to know everything that is happening in their segment, so they want to know about you!  Remember, their firms really want you to be a paying client, but once you get rolling you will be, so don’t worry too much about that!  Here are some tips:

Make friends with all the analysts in your industry
One big research firm limits analysts to one ½ hour interview per year with non-client companies! (make it count!)  Everybody else is much more excited to hear from you.
Subscribe to research summaries and press releases and newsletters from all the great research firms in your space.

  • Reach out to relevant analysts in your space by email or phone to establish a relationship.
  • When you go to tradeshows, go visit them and any location or booth they have, attend their presentations, whatever it takes to get “known”.
  • Make sure to get on the invitation lists for “potential customers” for free events and briefings – and tell your story to the analysts after their presentations!
  • Use analyst firms’ websites to glean market size information of related or relevant markets.

When we launched our last company, we were in a hot emerging market.  Our company was in every research report by every analyst firm we could find, including financial analysts, so we were also invited to speak at conferences and on panels – although we had 20 employees, we were a thought leader and you can be a thought leader too!  Share your vision as early and as often as you can.  Industry analysts are happy to help you if you’ve got something interesting to share.

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