Finding Strategic Investors

I was talking with an entrepreneur recently who told me that they were only looking for investors who were strategic – who had contacts and insights that could help them build the business.  This is the right approach for every entrepreneur.  As I have said, all capital is not the same!  That is the heart of our philosophy of Designing the Perfect Investor™.  You want investors who are sitting around their office just waiting for what you have to offer!

InvestorFind - Dig DeepI met a VC whose firm only invested in surgical instruments for ONE type of surgery.  I must have looked a little stunned as he introduced his firm, but he described the reason for this extremely narrow focus.  He said that they had these specific surgeons on the firm’s advisory board and that the surgeons would often suggest new surgical instruments that would help them – and the VC firm would find either existing companies or startups who could create those instruments.

The VC firm would also have companies and startups come to them with their ideas, and then they would have their surgeons test those instruments.  Although an extremely narrow niche, in fact if you were a firm making instruments for that one type of surgery, this is the firm you needed to call!

This strategy works for all companies raising capital – find firms that want what you are offering – in terms of “theme”, round size and stage and geography.

Don't Flail - Use InvestorFindOf course there are DIY ways to find those Perfect Investors, and we teach those in our courses and coaching, but it became clear that a faster and more efficient way to identify those Perfect Investors and accelerate entrepreneurs’ ability to start “networking in” would be helpful.  So, our team focused on curating information about thousands of investors, Venture Capital Firms, earlier stage Private Equity Firms, and selected Angels and Angel Networks – the stage they’re interested in, the geographical areas they care about, the industries they invest in, all the info needed to help target your perfect investor. We call this new service InvestorFind™.

Remember, your startup needs a funding pipeline, so a set of perfect investors can include investors for multiple rounds!  Talk about getting your pipeline in place early!

Match Fundraising to Company StageOur goal in creating InvestorFind™ is to save you TONS of time by providing at least 20-25 “Perfect Investor” candidates with our custom searches. At least twenty potential investors who already want what you have! Think about the amount of time that will save (and we know because we’ve been spending the time for you!)

If you have signed up for our course Designing the Perfect Investor™, then you can get your custom search of our InvestorFind™ database for $500 (USD). If you aren’t one of our existing clients, then the custom search is still a very reasonable $1000 (USD). Because this is a custom search, just drop us an email at VentureWrenchCommunity [at] and let us know you want to take advantage of this special offer and we’ll send you the payment link! (To get the $500 discounted price, send your email from the same email you used to sign up for the course!)

The InvestorFind™ custom investor search is covered by the InvestorFind™ Terms and Conditions as well as our primary Terms of Use, including the limitation of liability, and our Privacy Policy.


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