Tradeshows – What NOT To Do!

After walking over 1 million square feet of tradeshow space at a recent CES – Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, the marketing side of me just couldn’t resist recounting the “what not to do” of tradeshows – illuminated by real life experiences (and real life pictures from actual past tradeshows).

Here are some tips!
1. Don’t disgust your customers
2. Don’t confuse your customers
3. Don’t make your customers nervous
4. Don’t ignore your customers
5. Don’t assume your customers care (it’s your job to make them care)
6. Don’t let your team behave like barbarians
7. Don’t be a Little Fish in a Big Pond, when you can be the Big Fish in a Little Pond!
8. Don’t substitute “Pretty” for Content
9. Don’t let your booth team sit around like they’re bored (or take their shoes off!)

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