Designing Your Perfect Investor – What not to do

My course on “Designing the Perfect Investor” is designed to help entrepreneurs who want to successfully raise equity investment from angel investors or VCs.  The premise is that if you ‘design’ the investor first, and then go find investors who fit that perfect profile, you won’t waste time, money or poison the well by talking to the wrong investors.

Hunter Walk of seed stage VC HomeBrew recently blogged about a founder who realized she was meeting with an investor who clearly did not fit in the profile of her perfect investor.  He recounts his conversation with this successful (and funded) founder as she confided her most useless investor meeting to him.

“We sat down to discuss my company and he basically said, ‘I don’t think your market is going to exist. Convince me.’” Her response? “I told him I didn’t want to work that hard, and wrapped up the meeting.”

Wahoo!  Well, sort of.  If she had really been focused on her designer investor, she might have realized in advance he wasn’t a good fit and skipped the meeting altogether.  BUT, as soon as it became clear, at least she cut bait and moved on.

Remember, the perfect investors for your deal, your stage, your team, your vision ARE out there if you have an “investable” market.  If so, you want to stay laser focused on those that get you, get your theme, get your business and don’t waste time on the rest!

Check out the course, detailed step by step how-to’s from a serial entrepreneur to identify the perfect investor for your deal, and get the tools ready so you look sharp, saavy, capable, in short, investable.

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