DOE Delays Release 2 SBIR / STTR Funding Opportunity Announcement

The DOE is one of the large sources of SBIR and STTR funding.  DOE releases two different funding opportunities per year – with different topics in each release, so an SBIR topic that is suitable to your business may only be released once per year.  Last year DOE also delayed release of their SBIR/STTR funding opportunities due to administrative review by the new head of the DOE.

Here is the text from DOE’s recent announcement:

“The DOE SBIR/STTR Phase I Release 2 Funding Opportunity Announcement, which was originally scheduled to be issued Monday, November 26, 2018, is delayed pending completion of the internal DOE administrative review process.  We will notify you when the Funding Opportunity Announcement has been issued.

DOE SBIR/STTR Programs Office”

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