How our VentureWrench Launch! Commercialization Cohort helps SBIR companies!

I just finished leading a cohort of SBIR companies through our VentureWrench Launch!™ live program.  It was so fun!  And, every team that participated gave it rave reviews. Two of the teams literally said it was the best they’d participated in! They all came out the other side with a deep understanding of their customers, partners and markets.  Each team developed a strong beachhead and they know how to enter their markets.

SBIR and STTR reviewers and program directors have to show that the companies which receive funding are not just “SBIR mills” – living off of SBIR.  Instead they have to show that each recipient actually has a plan to get into the market and build a business.

VentureWrench Launch!™ for SBIR/STTR applicants and awardees is based on the well known Lean Launchpad curriculum pioneered by Steve Blank and his colleagues at Stanford University.  The goal of this program is to help small businesses which have applied for, received or are receiving funds from the federal SBIR/STTR (SBIR) programs to prepare to take successful products to market by guiding them through the development of a well informed business model. 

Benefits to our VentureWrench Launch! companies

  1. Successful completion of a valid Business Model Canvas and Deep insights into customer needs and how best to deliver their innovation successfully to market – This is critical for a strong commercialization plan for both Phase I and Phase II!
  2. Hours of course content and tools to assist the team in building out their Business Model Canvas, a requirement for most investors and a powerful tool for building a successful business.
  3. Hours of one-on-one and group coaching from VentureWrench co-creator Nicole Toomey Davis, an experienced serial entrepreneur who has raised both SBIR funds and Angel and Venture Capital for her companies. We got down and dirty on issues ranging from customers and channels to partners and manufacturing.  Could this help you?

If you haven’t gone through our SBIR course, Develop a Winning SBIR Strategy – Insights From The Review Process, I invite you to do so.  Remember that my perspective as a reviewer of many, many proposals gives you an advantage as you prepare your Phase I and/or your Phase II proposal.

If you want more in depth help, either a proposal review or help developing your proposal, you can apply for a spot in our one-on-one VentureWrench SBIR Coaching after you’ve gone through the course.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming VentureWrench Launch! cohort, email us at venturewrenchcommunity [at] with questions.

And if you need help with any part of your SBIR process – proposal (Phase I or II), TABA, proposal management, or contract finalization, just email us at venturewrenchcommunity [at]!

Don’t forget, if you need more help, check out our online course, Develop a Winning SBIR Strategy, and don’t forget your free guide below!

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