Happy New Year (and some 2024 Tips!)

The VentureWrench team wishes you a wonderful, productive and prosperous 2024!  We continue to share our experiences and thoughts with you to help you succeed on your entrepreneurship journey and also encourage you to comment or email back! Let us know you we can help you.

Happy New Year 2024!

Here are some tips you might want to consider to strengthen your startup in 2024.

First, if you’re an SBIR/STTR company – I wrote a blog post on housekeeping items to do each year to make sure you’ve got the registrations you need!  SBIR Housekeeping – things to do each year.

For everyone, I encourage you read or revisit New Article – How a Board Can Support Founder & CEO Success

Next month I’m publishing a new post on The Value of an Advisory Board as I am a big advocate!

Also, with the explosion of AI news, I invite you to go back to basics and watch my intro video on Artificial Intelligence.  Everyone may be telling you ChatGPT and Generative AI systems are remaking your world, and they are having a huge impact, BUT, you will still be responsible for the outcome, and if bias, and out and out false resonses concern you, in less than an hour you can understand what to beware of.

Venturewrench Talks about How AI works – and the Challenges of Bias in AI Systems
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