50 Ways to Mess Up Your Startup – Part 7 (#47-#50 )

Welcome back to Part 7 of “50 Ways to Mess Up Your Startup” to help you avoid them!  This post included numbers 47 – 50.  See below for the rest of the “50 ways”.  Because there are so many, I’m posting them in small groups.  I’ve included a video of number 47 discussing the dangers of “going it alone” when trying to raise equity funding.  I hope these help you avoid disaster!

Here are the last “ways” 47-50 to Mess Up Your Startup! (Avoid these!)

47. Think that you can “figure it out as you go” if you are raising money.
48. Misunderstand the fact that investors deliberately make the rules of the fundraising game obscure – Your ability to network in, have friends who have raised money and get mentored about the rules of the game is a test of your skill – even if that test yields a completely uneven playing field.
49. Forget that you need to sell, sell, sell, your vision, your company, your deal, your products, to everyone – employees, investors, partners and customers.
50. Ignore the art and importance of storytelling.

See Part 1 (video), Part 2 (video), Part 3 (video) , Part 4 (video), Part 5 (video), as well as the Part 6 (video) to see all of the “50 ways to Mess Up Your Startup!”

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