50 Ways to Mess Up Your Startup – Part 4 (#29-#35)

Welcome back to Part 4 of “50 Ways to Mess Up Your Startup” so you can avoid them!  This includes numbers 29-35 and because there are so many, I’m posting them in small groups.  I’ve included a video of numbers 30 and 31 (StartupTherapy™ and toxic cultures) to give you more insights on problems that can derail your startup.  I hope these are of help to you, please leave comments below!

Here are “ways” 29-35 to Mess Up Your Startup! (Don’t make these mistakes!)

29. Forget to be an ethical business that customers can trust.
30. Neglect “Startup Therapy ™“ in the earliest days of your startup – and end up with poor founder relationships and a lack of clarity on roles and expectations.
31. Permit a toxic culture to develop because you didn’t develop and nurture the culture.
32. Forget to “hire fast and fire faster” when someone you’ve brought on board can’t do the job, is a toxic personality, brings inappropriate behavior or harassment into the workplace etc. No one is indispensable, get rid of them fast.
33. Forget that high potential organizations grow faster than people do – the first people into a function (sales, marketing, development, product, HR etc) are NOT the eventual VP’s or CXO’s of that function.
34. Assume that people can always rise to the occasion. When you create something new, you spend your time inventing your new contribution – you can’t reinvent everything else as well, so hire experience!
35. You really need a good (venture experienced) attorney.

See Part 1 (video), Part 2 (video), Part 3 (video) , Part 5 (video), Part 6 (video) as well as Part 7 (video) to see all of the “50 ways to Mess Up Your Startup!”

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